Email with Bijan Haldar

Below I report part of the conversations that took place between me as a buyer and Bijan Haldar as a seller, the first part is purely descriptive of the product. I report the part in which the price of the works is decided.

16 mar 2023, 06:45 Bijan Haldar write:

Hello Sir..

What will be the budget for this page 1 illustration?

My price will be drawing plus changes plus coloring plus all final files send will be:- $ 75

since we are working outside Fiverr so 50% advance will be needed for drawing and after full color and finalize then remaining % 50 payment through paypal

16 mar 2023, 09:32 Roberto Rossisi write:

Good morning Ratul! 

I will pay you every image in advance (100%).

I want to ask you, how much will cost one image with 1 figure without a background?

And  how much will cost one image with 2 figures without a background?

I need to know because my budget is limited and I need to know if I can pay your price for the work.

gio 16 mar, 11:58 Bijan Haldar write:


May I change the toys & curtain?

16 mar 2023, 12:01 Roberto Rossini write:


As for the questions in the previous email about the price of images with one character and two characters, what is the price? I need to control my budget

16 mar 2023, 12:13 Bijan Haldar write:

1)This is why I Asking for the whole brief to say the exact price as you asking.
Hope total brief is ready.

2. As you r saying your budget is limited

So tell me your budget per page as 1 figure/
With 2 figure.without Background

And. With background.

3. How many pages total ?

Better you tell your budget

And how much your budget for this first page?

Thank you

16 mar 2023, 12:32 Roberto Rossini write:

We have budget like this: we want 8 big images as one I have sent you at your price (75$).

We can afford ourselves other 20-24 images without background with one character for 20$ or with two characters without background for 25$.

Please, write what do you think.

16 mar 2023, 12:49 Bijan Haldar write:

Big picture like these type?

Price for big image as the  first page is fine
Without background 1 image is also fine
But could you please  make at least $ 35 for 2 figure ( it’s a request as you are saying there will be multiple images)

16 mar 2023, 13:17 Roberto Rossini write:

When I write “big image”, I mean drawing like this that you made for me 2 years ago

When I write a single character image for 20$, I mean this

Ok for two characters I will pay 35$.

How much time do you need for one big image like this?

16 mar 2023, 16:16 Bijan Haldar write:

If you send at least 2-3 illustrations brief in one day then I  will  complete 2-3 full illustration with color within 3-4 days for “Big Image” like the attachment

Thank you 

16 mar 2023, 16:19 Roberto Rossini write:

ok then today I’m proceeding to pay for the first 2 large illustrations and I’ll try to send you at least one new illustration before tomorrow.

I can pay with paypal with this email?

16 mar 2023, 16:42 Bijan Haldar write:

yes sir

16 mar 2023, 16:43 Bijan Haldar write:

paypal address:-  ratulsen544@wp_12238562

Thank you so much sir



16 mar 2023, 16:51 Bijan Haldar write:

Thank you so much sir..

I got $ 150 for two big illustrations

Just waiting for two big illustrations brief

Thank you

16 mar 2023, 17:01 Roberto Rossini write:

The first you have, I send again:

I’m finally ready with the first sketch. The scene is as follows.

The girl, Emma is in her bed in her room. She is thinking about how much she would like to be a princess. In her room there is one big window opened. There is night outside and you can see the night sky with stars. There is also a small magic light outside that is moving into the room slowly. 

One can see bookshelf with some books and furniture with toys in the room of the girl.

You can draw the same toys if you want. The toys drawn are ours, so if you want you can retouch and use them for the scene.

There are curtains on the windows. 

The prospettive of the whole image is more or less as I made.

If you have any questions please let me know.

16 mar 2023, 17:09 Bijan Haldar write:

Got it, thanks! 


17 mar 2023, 07:25 Bijan Haldar write:

Sir please see First page drawing

17 mar 2023, 12:09 Roberto Rossini write:

Hi Ratul!

I like your sketch, but I think we need to change it.

1- Prospettive and proportions of the furniture are to be changed. I have made a 3d model of the room to show you what I mean. Use my example, please.

2- I like the position of the hands of the girl, but let’s change a bit her face expression. In this scene she is thinking. 

3- I have found on internet an image toy turkey very similar of your. I do not to have problems with somebody later for copyright. So, use the toys I put in this sketch, please.

4- Please you can draw a carpet with fish form, you can copy my with your style.

17 mar 2023, 14:31 Bijan Haldar write:

Ok, will do that. 

17 mar 2023, 14:41 Bijan Haldar write:

Using the same angel

But bed should be little bigger as proportion

Rest of the things I am following ur 3d model proportions

17 mar 2023, 14:44 Roberto Rossini write:

Ok, thanks. 

17 mar 2023, 21:31 Bijan Haldar write:

Great, thanks!